Streamlined communications across any device and on any platform*

With 2tel’s Premium-UC Solution, we give you the freedom to operate from anywhere with internet.

Wherever you go, our client suite allows you to stay connected, collaborate, and use the devices that you prefer.

Premium UC

Whether you are a small start-up or a global enterprise, take the power of this award-winning softphone with you while at work, home or anywhere in-between to ensure that you stay connected and more productive ShapePowered by Bria, an award-winning softphone that increases your business productivity by streamlining business communication across any device, on any platform, and on any network.

  • The office for the anywhere worker – turn your computer into a full-featured telephony experience.

  • Manage your communications easily and efficiently, all from your mobile phone, at work, at home or anywhere in-between.

  • Change the way you communicate from the convenience of your computer desktop.

  • Enjoy a real Unified Communications experience with the complete Premium-UC suite for any device and platform.

Premium UC

(GST Inclusive)

  • Autodiscover of contacts in your address book

  • Dial/receive phone, mobile and audio-based VoIP calls

  • Send and receive instant messages (IM)

  • Presence

  • Works just like your office phone (Place calls on hold, transfer calls etc.)

  • File transfer

  • Call/message history

  • Receive incoming calls when the app is in the background

  • Push Server, to enhance battery life

  • Send and receive instant messages (IM)


2tel’s Unified Communications (UC) solutions allow organisations to extend seamless, real-time collaboration into a single, easy to use interface for desktop, mobile and tablet. By enabling quick and easy communications, Premium-UC empowers a truly collaborative workplace. Premium-UC benefits can be realised
immediately with increased productivity, cost savings and workforce engagement.


Increase efficiency is one of the main reasons businesses switch to VoIP, and mobile VoIP. With 2tel’s softphone suite, this efficiency -plus , cost savings- is quickly realized as VoIP calls are routed through Wi-Fi and carrier data networks, taking the place of costly cellular carrier plans and long distance charges as well as giving you the ability to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies that work on over 90% of mobile devices.

Work from Anywhere

Integrating mobile phones into an organisation’s existing network, gives mobile staff members access to company telephone features that can include voice calling, messaging, presence, voicemail, call forwarding, caller ID, and Enhance existing features with IM, Presence, File Transfer and more. Premium-UC allows remote/satellite workers to connect, communicate and collaborate with wider business more effectively.

Deploy Mobile VoIP Solutions with Ease and Efficiency

Mobile VoIP solutions are easy to deploy and manage, reducing telecommunication costs and streamlining communications. Premium-UC is a powerful, carrier-grade solution that provides the ability to set-up, move, add and change softphone endpoint provisioning settings with ease and efficiency in near real-time.

We’re easy to deal with, and we’re here to help you implement and manage an effective Unified Communications solution