Connect, communicate and collaborate.

Experience improved productivity and communications across your organisation.

Bring together traditional and new technologies into one cost-effective platform designed for today’s demanding communication needs and end user experience.

A sophisticated, full-featured system.

Offering all the advanced features and functionalities of a traditional on-premises phone system. The scalable technology means that you can expand your phone system when needed to suit your changing business needs.

CloudPhone is not just a product, it’s a solution designed to be simple to deploy, highly secure and reliable, and easy to manage with feature rich enhancing user productivity. All this underpinned by our Australian based expert support.


Save you time and money

It’s scalable

State-of-the-art telephony features

Works everywhere

Works with what you already have

Unifies messaging services

Simplified billing structure

Large selection of leading hardware

Fast and easy set up

Pre-configured hardware
(plug and play)


CloudPhone includes features such as hunt groups, call recording, call queuing, music on hold and auto attendant.

  • $33 PER MONTH (GST Inclusive)

  • Included national and local calls

  • Call to mobiles Business grade

  • Local Account Management

*Prices EX GST. BYOD hardware is excluded from support and needs to be QA approved to work on the system.


  • Automated attendant/IVR

  • Presence (BLF)

  • Hunt groups

  • Agent groups (Call Queuing)

  • Simultaneous ringing/’Twinning’

  • Call diversion

  • Voicemail to your email

  • Simple call recording

  • Music on hold

  • Group park

  • Simple conference room

  • Paging

  • Admin portal access to manage user settings


  • Per user pricing

  • Scalable

  • Setup in minutes

  • Zero touch provisioning

  • User friendly, visual call flow designer plus Editor

  • Web based management

  • Lower total cost of ownership

  • Minimal “on premise” equipment required

  • Single pane infrastructure

  • Local support

Premium UC

Whether you are a small start-up or a global enterprise, take the power of this award-winning softphone with you while at work, home or anywhere in-between to ensure that you stay connected and more productive ShapePowered by Bria, an award-winning softphone that increases your business productivity by streamlining business communication across any device, on any platform, and on any network.

  • The office for the anywhere worker – turn your computer into a full-featured telephony experience.

  • Manage your communications easily and efficiently, all from your mobile phone, at work, at home or anywhere in-between.

  • Change the way you communicate from the convenience of your computer desktop.

  • Enjoy a real Unified Communications experience with the complete Premium-UC suite for any device and platform.